The Wall of Fame

My thighs are killing me !
Yesterday afternoon, Pat, Georgia, Fiona and I went for a jog along the beach. We jogged for 35 minutes non-stop and it felt amazing! It was good to hear the waves at the same time. It made it easier for me to concentrate and get into the "zone". After the jog, we walked to a nearby park, where Fiona taught us a few body exercises. This past week has been a bit crazy, so it felt great to exercise.

This past Thursday, we had our first SKEMA party. It was held and a club called L'Anfer. The theme was Wall of Fame. Basically, everyone had a white shirt and a sharpie and we all walked out with funny writings on our shirts. The club was small and smashed glass bottles were everywhere. It was pretty gross. However, I still had a good time dancing the night away.

As the end of January is approaching, I can't believe I have been in France for almost a month. The month of February is going to be hectic. I will be traveling to Geneva, Switzerland, going back to Paris and most likely Belgium and Barcelona. I will be staying in Juan-les-pins for a total of 14 days (my roommate counted)!

I can't wait to start traveling and discover the unknown. Leaving on an exchange is the best decision I have ever made.

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