Can't Sleep, Can't Eat, I'm Sick

Thank goodness my interview at Ernst & Young was on Monday. On Tuesday, the symptoms of my cold were fully in effect. My nose stopped functioning; I couldn't breathe and couldn't smell. I coughed uncontrollably and ate cough drops like I breathed. Just when I thought my worst day was over, Wednesday turned out to be even worse! I coughed uncontrollably x2 and my throat was in so much pain! It was unbearable! I felt bad for all my classmates, because I literally coughed every 3 seconds! Not only that, my voice became extremely manly and it scared the crap out of call my friends. I just woke up and I am already coughing my lungs out. I hope with some medication, my day will be a bit more pleasant.


Hello, Hello, Baby You Called I Can't Hear a Thing

Today was a bit of a stressful day. I woke up happy because I was smart enough to submit all my CACEE forms yesterday afternoon, instead of waiting for this morning! As I spent the morning doing some homework, I kept glancing at the clock, waiting for it to hit noon.

After lunch, I went to class and my heart starts beating 1000 times per minutes.  I look at the time on my phone and I realized any firm could be calling me now! But instead, my phone stayed in my hands soundless and motionless. Then, my friends start texting me, reassuring me that firms must be busy reviewing my application. Every time my phone vibrated, my heart jumped. After a while, I got used to it and stopped giving myself heart attacks over a little phone vibe. Time passes, and as I focused more on class, getting that phone call for an interview was getting further in the back of my head. And of course, the unexpected happened. My phone starts the vibrate, and behold, Ernst & Young was calling me! I ran out of class and answered the phone. I was so happy that I could barely speak! My hands were shaky and my body felt light, almost numb! Can you tell how badly I wanted a firm to call me? So, anyways, an interview has been scheduled and I hope I will do well.


"If the Shoes Fit, it's Too Expensive"

I have a thing for shoes....no, actually, I have a thing for expensive shoes.

A few weeks back, while vacationing in Toronto, I came across this pair of gorgeous ankle boots. I picked them up and instantly fell in love. Soft black suede, hidden platform and stud covered heel - they were calling out my name. Then, I found out they were Sam Edelmans' and a bit out of my budget. But anyhow, fast forward to now, I can't stop thinking about them and decided that they were perfect for fall. Plus a good pair of shoes last forever, right? (I saw yes, but I know some say its debatable.) Naturally, after work today, I dragged my co-worker/friend, Lisa to show her the shoes...... and walked out with them about 10 minutes later. I am horrible, I know...

So, here's the third addition to my collection of super expensive shoes (the first and second being my pair of Le Pepe boots and Miu Miu nude heels, which I love to death).

Sam Edelman Renzo ankle boots


Fingers Crossed

Done, done, done, done and done! CA Recruitment Cocktail is all in the past now! Recruitment season is almost over!

The last two weeks have been exhausting! As I jumped into a new semester at JMSB, it was also the start of the CA recruitment season. Waking up every morning to attend firm tours and CACEE seminars, then head back to school for school, or go to work. Sounds like nothing, but recruitment activities use up lots of energy!

All these events requires students to network intensively, in hopes of landing a summer intership or a full-time position at an accounting firm. But that is not all; these small events are just a warm up to the CA Recruitment Cocktail! The cocktail regroups 20 something firms into one giant hall, where 400 students aggressively fight against each other for the firm representatives' attention! It might sound like a stressful night, but at the end of it all, I always have tons of fun. As this is my second attempt to land an internship, the results will be positive this year. I boosted my GPA and my networking and social skills have also gotten better, or so I'd like to believe. The firms I like seem to like me (more so THE firm I like, seem to like me too). Honestly, each firm is different from each other, making it quite hard for me to choose. But before I talk about which employer to choose, let's cross our fingers and I hope a firm will actually choose me!


Golf Town

Remember when I stated that my dad was the coolest person in the world because he had paid half of my D5100. Well today, he did it again...

After our morning practice at the driving range, my dad took to Golf Town, where he bought me my own golf clubs! Honestly, ever since I came back from France, my dad has been spoiling me like crazy! This summer, I really trained hard to learn golf. I guess my dad saw my dedication and thought I was worthy of getting my own set of iron clubs (I have been using his old, old, old Wilson 7-iron club).  It's just too bad that school has started and the weather is becoming colder as we speak. Fall is only a few steps away. And with CA recruitment happening right now, I'll be busy attending firm tours in the mornings instead of hitting the driving range. Hopefully, I'll be able play with my clubs before I put them away from winter!

I'll be posting pictures and more details about my beautiful set soon!