"If the Shoes Fit, it's Too Expensive"

I have a thing for shoes....no, actually, I have a thing for expensive shoes.

A few weeks back, while vacationing in Toronto, I came across this pair of gorgeous ankle boots. I picked them up and instantly fell in love. Soft black suede, hidden platform and stud covered heel - they were calling out my name. Then, I found out they were Sam Edelmans' and a bit out of my budget. But anyhow, fast forward to now, I can't stop thinking about them and decided that they were perfect for fall. Plus a good pair of shoes last forever, right? (I saw yes, but I know some say its debatable.) Naturally, after work today, I dragged my co-worker/friend, Lisa to show her the shoes...... and walked out with them about 10 minutes later. I am horrible, I know...

So, here's the third addition to my collection of super expensive shoes (the first and second being my pair of Le Pepe boots and Miu Miu nude heels, which I love to death).

Sam Edelman Renzo ankle boots

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