Chicken & Steak

Despite my busy work schedule during the winter break, I still had the chance to have dinner with friends. The first dinner was with my friends with whom I lived the four most amazing months of the my life. Pat, Georgia, Sophie, Courtney, Julian, Fiona, Naomi & I were all on exchange in France together. For four months, we lived in Juan-les-pins and attended the SKEMA together. It was great to catch up and reminisce of the good old days. The last time we were all together was probably back when we were still in France. Those moments seem to be so far away. I'd give anything to go back in time and live it again... We met up at Laurier Gordon Ramsay, which I have being dying to try. The ambiance was nice and cozy. I enjoyed my chicken and the wonderful company I had.

The very next night, it was the JMAS Christmas dinner! We chose to eat at luxurious steakhouse, The Keg. Despite the crazy rain outside and the dangerous, slippery ice outside, everyone arrived at the restaurant in once piece. Our table was in a little isolated corner, which was great because we had some privacy. But the corner was, in my opinion, a little bit tight for all 15 of us. The gift exchange was hilarious! Everyone came up with great ideas as secret Santa. The food was amazing. My steak was absolutely delicious and it heartwarming to have spent a wonderful night with my colleagues.

Steak with shrimp and crab garnish & twice baked potato


The Art of Not Saving Money

Now that the semester is finally over, let the Christmas shopping begin! I need to do some massive shopping in the next few days because I haven't had the chance to pick up anyone's gift! However, after my last exam today, I went for a round of celebratory retail therapy! Sadly, it really wasn't a fruitful session because I only crossed off two people off my list....... and splurged on myself - shame on me, I know.

I had actually intended to reward myself for working hard this past semester. By that I meant a pieces of clothing here and there aka new Christmas party outfits. But then, I walk into Ogilvy (where I start working tomorrow!!) and walked by Burberry, out of habit just to see what are the latest handbags on shelves. But then, I see it...  That beautiful thing! The truth is, I have been eyeing that item for a years, but could never really justify its purchase. However, seeing how I haven't shopped in so long (because I've been busy with school) and that it was cold outside, I decided to try on the beautiful Burberry earmuffs! I never dared to tried them because knowing myself, I know that all my logic and reason would just become non existent and the first thing I would do is to pull out my credit card. Now, try to guess what I did after trying them on? I know, I know, shame on me! I really don't know how to save money, do I? In light of what I did, I decided to hold off buying new boots and clothes until I start working again (which is tomorrow!) or maybe I'll just return the earmuffs...but it would so sad.

Earmuffs in Charcoal Check


Greetings from Paradise: The Land of Sunshine

All my friends know that I am a Longchamp Pliage girl. I have a tons of Longchamp bags, many of them I bought during my French days (oh how I miss those days....). They were so cheap in France I just couldn't not buy them. It would've been a crime if I didn't!

Anyways, after a super productive day at the library, I rewarded myself with some new blog posts from my usual reading list, and this is what I found: the upcoming Lonchamp x Jeremy Scott Postcard Pliage! The perfect solution to the cold, dark, gloomy Canadian winter- isn't this the perfect bag for winter or what!? I am not sure when it will be released and if it will be sold in Montreal. This bag can totally be my reward to myself after this semester! Clearly, I am just trying to find any excuse to buy this bag, but this is honestly the much needed splash of colour Montreal needs during winter!
Pictures from Colette

The Countdown Begins Once Again

I wish I could tell you it's a countdown until the day I leave for France again. Unfortunately, it's a countdown for the start of finals. In exactly seven days, I will be write my first final exam of the semester. Hence why Gurjit and I are currently at Montreal's beautiful Grande Bibliotheque, prepping for our exams!

Time to study!