The Art of Not Saving Money

Now that the semester is finally over, let the Christmas shopping begin! I need to do some massive shopping in the next few days because I haven't had the chance to pick up anyone's gift! However, after my last exam today, I went for a round of celebratory retail therapy! Sadly, it really wasn't a fruitful session because I only crossed off two people off my list....... and splurged on myself - shame on me, I know.

I had actually intended to reward myself for working hard this past semester. By that I meant a pieces of clothing here and there aka new Christmas party outfits. But then, I walk into Ogilvy (where I start working tomorrow!!) and walked by Burberry, out of habit just to see what are the latest handbags on shelves. But then, I see it...  That beautiful thing! The truth is, I have been eyeing that item for a years, but could never really justify its purchase. However, seeing how I haven't shopped in so long (because I've been busy with school) and that it was cold outside, I decided to try on the beautiful Burberry earmuffs! I never dared to tried them because knowing myself, I know that all my logic and reason would just become non existent and the first thing I would do is to pull out my credit card. Now, try to guess what I did after trying them on? I know, I know, shame on me! I really don't know how to save money, do I? In light of what I did, I decided to hold off buying new boots and clothes until I start working again (which is tomorrow!) or maybe I'll just return the earmuffs...but it would so sad.

Earmuffs in Charcoal Check

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