Mon Shu Girl

Karl Lagerfeld x Shu Uemura is honestly one of the most exciting collaborations everrrr!! For this holiday season, Shu Uemura teamed up with Karl Lagerfeld, legendary designer, to release a large collection of make up, skin care, brushes and lashes, with colors and package designs selected and created by Karl himself!

Shu Uemura has always been one of my favorite cosmetic brands. My obsession with Shu began when I first got my hands on their Fiber Xtension mascara, which very sadly, no longer exists. Best masacara I've ever used. I seriously don't know why it's discontinued. Now, I am a huge fan of the cleansing oils and of course of the indispensable eyelash curler. I use both of these two items daily and will keep using them! The eyelash curler just fits my almond shaped eyes perfectly, unlike a few other brands with which I always struggled to curl my lashes. The brand's philosophy, innovation , quality (the colors are always beaaauuutiful) and packaging are the reasons why I love love it so much. Plus, the fact that it's a Japanese is definitely a plus for my inner Japanese girl. Did you know Karl Lagerfeld uses the pressed shadows the sketch his designs? When I said the colors are beautiful, I really mean it. Even Uncle Karl agrees!

Now that I've explained why Shu Uemura is so amazing, let me tell why I think this collab is amazing too..... Well, it's very simple. Uncle Karl = amazing. Shu Uemura= amazing. KL + SU = amazing + amazing = AMAZING. Logical, no?

Honestly, I am obviously over doing it, but I really do think it's a great collection. The palettes are quite nice and the packaging is really cute. The icon, Mon Shu Girl, is the merger of the Japanese cute anime and Uncle Karl's coolness.  I haven't had the chance to stop by the SU counter at Holt Renfrew, but I will be doing it very soon. I am thinking of purchasing the lipstick in Parisienne Pink...

Karl Lagerfeld for Shu Uemura

Parisienne Pink (first from left)
Pictures from Beautezine