Girl With a Pearl Earring

My parents just recently came back from their trip to Taiwan & China. Usually, when they travel back to Asia, we always get to make a list of things we would like them to bring back because almost everything there is just do darn cheap! My list usually contains all kinds of cosmetic products: make-up , skincare, nail polish from pretty much every Asian brand. However, this time, since my parents were planning to travel a lot more, they didn't expect much time to shop, so we didn't get to make lists. But, still they came home with a present for me! Totally unexpected, I received something I never thought my parents would ever get me! I was gifted with a purple pearl necklace and earrings set! They ain't famous Mikimoto pearls, but fancy enough for me! Purple pearls!! Even I never thought about getting purple pearls, and purple is my favorite colour! Needless to say, I was quite happy with my surprise.

I guess my Tiffany necklace is finally coming off - I never wore another necklace since receiving it for Christmas 2009!

The necklace seems to be more pink than purple.


Hello Snow, long time no see.

On November 23, I woke up to a big surprise, a big white surprise......SNOW! I looked out the window and just saw white. Streets and trees were all covered by a glittery white substance. The last time I saw snow, it was before I left for France. I thought the landscape was cute until I remember how much I hate snow. When it snows, it's because its winter. During winter,  it's cold - I hate cold. When it snows, it means that I have to go shovel outside.... in the cold. Do you see the vicious circle in all of this? Another reason why I don't like snow: it slows everything down! First, the snow made me walk slower because it's harder to walk in the snow (just like how it's harder to walk and run in the sand). Second, it made my bus arrive later causing me to be almost late to class! You see how snow just ruins everything? Okay, maybe I am just being an overly difficult girl. Okay, I am... but still! Isn't summer just much better? You get to wear cute clothes without covering yourself up with a enormous parka and several layers of sweater and scarves!Most importantly, you get the wear beautiful shoes in the summer!

All of this snow just confirmed once again that leaving for the French Riviera was the best decision I could've ever made last winter! I skipped an entire season of snow and Canadian cold for amazing French food and Mediterranean beaches! In a little bit more than one month, it will be the one year anniversary of the beginning of the best adventure of my life.... Can you believe how fast time flew?


"Hey boy, you seem like a good trader. Want to trade numbers?"

It is Wednesday, yet I am still exhausted from my weekend.

Last Friday, it was Sunbul's birthday celebration. Following the night out, I had to wake up super early on Saturday to volunteer at the 2012 John Molson Stock Exchange Simulation with Anastasia and Andree. The day was long but pleasant. I was assigned to be on the trading floor during the event. As a runner, I was handed the trade tickets from verifiers, and had to read out the numbers to the data input clerk as quickly as possible. During the practice run, the whole floor was rather quiet. But as soon the as the stock sim officially started, the hall quickly filled up with screams! This small simulation was pretty intense, so the NYSE must be CRAZZYYYY! The event was separated into four quarters, so I stayed there the whole day, despite being already quite drained from the previous night. I was so tired, that I went to bed at 8 PM that evening. I felt a bit lame for going to bed that early on a Saturday, but it felt good to be able to have more than five hours of sleep.


Midnight Photoshoot

Last Thursday, my friend Mark and I finally got the chance to go shoot together! We've been talking about meeting up for some street photography since this summer, but it never actually happened... until now that is.

So after my class on Thursday night, we headed downtown, to Place des arts, where big light projectors were installed and rotating, illuminating the dark sky. Sadly, when midnight struck, the lights shut off. We wanted to shoot Montreal's night view, so we headed over to Mount Royal. To get to the look out point, we had to walk up in the woods. Of course, we had to take the wrong turn, taking a huge detour to get to our destination. Did I mention that it was in complete darkness? Blair Witch Project style, no joke. I had to admit, it was scary! I was so afraid someone or something would jump out and attack us. (Delusional, I know - but I couldn't help it!)

It was cold, especially up on Mount Royal at the look out point. But I got to take some pretty pictures!