Hello Snow, long time no see.

On November 23, I woke up to a big surprise, a big white surprise......SNOW! I looked out the window and just saw white. Streets and trees were all covered by a glittery white substance. The last time I saw snow, it was before I left for France. I thought the landscape was cute until I remember how much I hate snow. When it snows, it's because its winter. During winter,  it's cold - I hate cold. When it snows, it means that I have to go shovel outside.... in the cold. Do you see the vicious circle in all of this? Another reason why I don't like snow: it slows everything down! First, the snow made me walk slower because it's harder to walk in the snow (just like how it's harder to walk and run in the sand). Second, it made my bus arrive later causing me to be almost late to class! You see how snow just ruins everything? Okay, maybe I am just being an overly difficult girl. Okay, I am... but still! Isn't summer just much better? You get to wear cute clothes without covering yourself up with a enormous parka and several layers of sweater and scarves!Most importantly, you get the wear beautiful shoes in the summer!

All of this snow just confirmed once again that leaving for the French Riviera was the best decision I could've ever made last winter! I skipped an entire season of snow and Canadian cold for amazing French food and Mediterranean beaches! In a little bit more than one month, it will be the one year anniversary of the beginning of the best adventure of my life.... Can you believe how fast time flew?

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