Midnight Photoshoot

Last Thursday, my friend Mark and I finally got the chance to go shoot together! We've been talking about meeting up for some street photography since this summer, but it never actually happened... until now that is.

So after my class on Thursday night, we headed downtown, to Place des arts, where big light projectors were installed and rotating, illuminating the dark sky. Sadly, when midnight struck, the lights shut off. We wanted to shoot Montreal's night view, so we headed over to Mount Royal. To get to the look out point, we had to walk up in the woods. Of course, we had to take the wrong turn, taking a huge detour to get to our destination. Did I mention that it was in complete darkness? Blair Witch Project style, no joke. I had to admit, it was scary! I was so afraid someone or something would jump out and attack us. (Delusional, I know - but I couldn't help it!)

It was cold, especially up on Mount Royal at the look out point. But I got to take some pretty pictures!

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