Girl With a Pearl Earring

My parents just recently came back from their trip to Taiwan & China. Usually, when they travel back to Asia, we always get to make a list of things we would like them to bring back because almost everything there is just do darn cheap! My list usually contains all kinds of cosmetic products: make-up , skincare, nail polish from pretty much every Asian brand. However, this time, since my parents were planning to travel a lot more, they didn't expect much time to shop, so we didn't get to make lists. But, still they came home with a present for me! Totally unexpected, I received something I never thought my parents would ever get me! I was gifted with a purple pearl necklace and earrings set! They ain't famous Mikimoto pearls, but fancy enough for me! Purple pearls!! Even I never thought about getting purple pearls, and purple is my favorite colour! Needless to say, I was quite happy with my surprise.

I guess my Tiffany necklace is finally coming off - I never wore another necklace since receiving it for Christmas 2009!

The necklace seems to be more pink than purple.

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