"Hey boy, you seem like a good trader. Want to trade numbers?"

It is Wednesday, yet I am still exhausted from my weekend.

Last Friday, it was Sunbul's birthday celebration. Following the night out, I had to wake up super early on Saturday to volunteer at the 2012 John Molson Stock Exchange Simulation with Anastasia and Andree. The day was long but pleasant. I was assigned to be on the trading floor during the event. As a runner, I was handed the trade tickets from verifiers, and had to read out the numbers to the data input clerk as quickly as possible. During the practice run, the whole floor was rather quiet. But as soon the as the stock sim officially started, the hall quickly filled up with screams! This small simulation was pretty intense, so the NYSE must be CRAZZYYYY! The event was separated into four quarters, so I stayed there the whole day, despite being already quite drained from the previous night. I was so tired, that I went to bed at 8 PM that evening. I felt a bit lame for going to bed that early on a Saturday, but it felt good to be able to have more than five hours of sleep.

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