Some Winter Fun

Winter, winter, winter. What a dull season - you agree? Thankfully, I've attended some cool events lately that kept me busy! If not, I'd be thinking about how great my life was last winter, roaming around Europe like a free bird.

First, JMAS Winter Cocktail..... I worked hard to plan it, and it turned out good. Good food, great people, wonderful evening. Unfortunately, I haven't received the pictures from the photographer yet, so can't post any. Let me tell you thought, that at the end of the night, I was dead! It was so hard trying not to fall asleep on the metro. 

The very next evening, it was the CASA Winter Retreat! What started off as a slow evening, turned into a business-school-students-become-pro-lap-dancers night! I guess the open bar allowed all of us to let loose. I, however, was a lady and laughed my heart out as people shaked their booty.... on others' lap (and I also snapped TONS of pictures. Sneaky me). I was exhausted, but having so much fun at the same time. You know that feeling where your super tired and want to go to sleep, but at the same time refuse to leave? Yeah, that's how I was feeling.



Pin, Pin, Pin, Pintrest!

I realize I haven't  written very much lately.... and I blame Pintrest for making me obsessed with pinning and repinning pins! It's all I ever do now! (that and reading Texts From Bennett - it's super hilarious, check it out!) Other than spending much time on those two websites, I have also been busy planning this huge networking cocktail for JMAS. But what about school work...?  Did someone say school work? What school work.... oh yeah... school... we'll talk about that later...

But going back to Pintrest, it's essentially is a website on which you create boards and you "pin" what your inspirations, what you like, pretty much all your intrests (pin your interest... Pintrest... get it?). Obviously, just like everything else on the Internet, you get to see what others pin and others see what you pin! You can follow each other, like each others' pins and repin on your own board what other have pinned. That's a lot of bloody pins and pinning! But it's seriously a lot of fun and entirely addictive. Don't tell me I didn't warn you!

If you're curious, you can go see my boards and pins on my Pintrest profile! Follow me while you're at it!


So Yesterday

I can't believe it's already over. Seems like yesterday, I just wrote my last final and the holidays were just starting. Today was the beginning of the Winter 2012 semester and my first day back at university. The past two weeks have been more tiring than when I'm at school. Between work, work, work, work, seeing friends and spending quality time with the family, I somehow find myself having less time for myself and to sleep. On my very last day of vacation, I realized how little time I spent at home, even if staying in, doing nothing was among one of the things I really wanted to do during my vacation. Funny how every time get the time to do things I've been wanting to do, I always end up doing something else... Maybe that should be one of my new year's resolution: stick to my plans...?