Halloween = Birthday + Free Candy + Screams

Happy Halloween!

Not only is today Halloween, a day where I get to eat a tons of candy without feeling guilty, it is also my little sister's birthday!

Happy birthday BonQuiQui*! I wish you another year filled with happiness, love and much success!
* name has been changed

Lighting up the candles on the cake

On another note, today is also Monday meaning I had office hours with the lovely Anastasia! In honour of Halloween, we spent our office hours watching Scream. Two hours well spent if you ask me! I think it was the first time the office was that quiet. Anastasia, Tuan and I watched silently and followed the plot carefully, so that we don't too scared or surprised (I could definitely use some of that amazing concentration in class!). Despite that, Tuan still managed by let a few screams here and there. The fact that he screamed like a little girl towards the end almost made the horror movie turn into a comedy! Good times, good times...

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