At Last, Freedom!

Freedom, oh how I have missed you! It feels so good to know that I can read, watch movies and surf online as much as I want without feeling bad and panicking. Indeed, midterms are over!

Of all my three years of university, this is the first year that I got a really, but really crappy midterm exam schedule. The first one being on the Saturday right after Thanksgiving - which was fine, because I had plenty of time to review. The second exam was Business Law and Ethics (COMM 315) and it was scheduled on the following Wednesday. Then Friday Oct 21, I had both Advanced Managerial Accounting (ACCO 430) and Financial Reporting II (ACCO 320) were scheduled at the same day and same time. This is where things got a bit complicated. I had to come up with a schedule to allocate my time between all three classes. It sounds simple and nothing too crazy, but it was a heck of a week.  All those late nights and early mornings have drained me from all my energy.

To make things worse, since I had two exams scheduled at the same time, I registered to write the alternate for ACCO 430, after hearing my ACCO 320 professor saying that he will not providing an alternate version. Unfortunately, the alternate ACCO 430 exam was still on the same day, but the time slot was just moved to the morning. In other words I had ACCO 430 from 10 am to 1 pm and ACCO 320 from 7 om to 10 pm. How lovely.... Just when things couldn't possibly be more stressful, I find out there was actually an alternate exam for ACCO 320, which is scheduled on Sunday morning. That means I would have had extra time on Friday day to review for ACCO 430 and the entire Saturday to study for ACCO 320! It was at first super upsetting because I can't switch alternates. But then, I told myself I'd finish my exams earlier this way. So, instead of reviewing for ACCO 320 in the morning,  I'll be sleeping in!

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