Thank You For the Long Weekend

After receiving the devastating news that I didn’t get my internship (and crying over frozen yogurt with my dear friend Sunbul), my parents came to me with an interesting proposal. Since their restaurant is closed for renovations, they suggested  we go to Toronto for Thanksgiving weekend. Normally, I wouldn’t agree to go, just because it’s so close to midterms – the first one being this Saturday (Canadian Income Taxation). But I desperately needed time away from everything and get all things related to recruitment out of my system.  So, how was my long weekend you ask?

On Friday, it was my very last shift at Gap. As much as I enjoyed working there (and the employee discount) it didn’t provide me the flexibility I was looking for. So, as unfortunate as it was, I had to make a choice: school or Gap?  The answer was obvious, of course. But as a normal human being, I got attached… Yes, it was sad, but my Friday did have a happy ending. That night was also Patil’s birthday party at Suite 701! Good food, good drinks and good people – I had a blast! Coolest part: cruising down Crescent Street in Gurjit’s ballin’ ride. 

Beautiful blue sky
In the early hours on Saturday morning, I rushed home to pack and get ready to leave for Toronto. I had about 2-3 hours before departure time (4 AM). I packed as fast as I could, while watching Material Queen on my laptop (that show is so goddamn addictive, so I had too. Multitask FTW!).  Then I went to bed for about an hour or two. Four o’clock came along and I woke up completely exhausted and drained.  We loaded the car and drove away. When my eyes opened again, we arrived had at our destination. Six hours felt more like 1 hour.

People say Toronto isn’t that great, but I like it. I can’t exactly explain why, but I do. My parents and I spent three days, walking around, shopping, and eating (no worries, I packed my Tax notes and studied at night). It wasn’t like going to Paris, walking around the Louvre and enjoying delicious pastries by Laduree. However, it was just as good because I got to spend some quality time with my parents and bought and ate tons of Asian snacks that cannot be found in Montreal. 
Best Chinese restaurant name ever.
Climbing poker chips
Agedashi tofu
Crispy yakisoba
Gum that changes from a peach flavor to mint!
Daddy driving

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