"Hi, I'm Harry, Harry Potter"

Just how many Harry Potter die-hard fans do you know? I actually happen to know a few, with many of them who happen to be part of JMAS with me! A wonderful girl with enormous amount of love for British Harry's (Harry Potter & Prince Harry, that is), Anastasia is one of them.

Every Monday, Anastasia and I share office hours. Two long hours of sitting in an office, hoping some students will show up and ask us questions. Sadly, they never do, so we just basically hang out in the office the the sake of formalities. Having office hours with another girl is always fun because you can talk about anything, especially when it's with someone you get along with. But you know what's even better? When you share your love for Harry Potter! We spent part of our office hours watching the very first Harry Potter movie until I decided to make some tea (how English of us!). As we sat down to continue the movie, I decided I wanted popcorn (yes, we had popcorn in the office). Unfortunately, and fortunately, we never made it back to the office to finish the movie. After the popcorn was ready, Anastasia and I just sat down on comfy couches in a quiet corner and chatted away! It was so good to have a some girl time after all the midterm madness! We chitchatted until our JMAS meeting at 6 pm! Well we actually had to stop at some moments to go eat, but you get the idea! Can you imagine all the stories we told each other? I never thought I'd say this, but I can't wait for next week's office hours!

Many might say Harry Potter brought magic to their lives, but Harry Potter brought me a new friendship!

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