Greetings from Paradise: The Land of Sunshine

All my friends know that I am a Longchamp Pliage girl. I have a tons of Longchamp bags, many of them I bought during my French days (oh how I miss those days....). They were so cheap in France I just couldn't not buy them. It would've been a crime if I didn't!

Anyways, after a super productive day at the library, I rewarded myself with some new blog posts from my usual reading list, and this is what I found: the upcoming Lonchamp x Jeremy Scott Postcard Pliage! The perfect solution to the cold, dark, gloomy Canadian winter- isn't this the perfect bag for winter or what!? I am not sure when it will be released and if it will be sold in Montreal. This bag can totally be my reward to myself after this semester! Clearly, I am just trying to find any excuse to buy this bag, but this is honestly the much needed splash of colour Montreal needs during winter!
Pictures from Colette

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