Fingers Crossed

Done, done, done, done and done! CA Recruitment Cocktail is all in the past now! Recruitment season is almost over!

The last two weeks have been exhausting! As I jumped into a new semester at JMSB, it was also the start of the CA recruitment season. Waking up every morning to attend firm tours and CACEE seminars, then head back to school for school, or go to work. Sounds like nothing, but recruitment activities use up lots of energy!

All these events requires students to network intensively, in hopes of landing a summer intership or a full-time position at an accounting firm. But that is not all; these small events are just a warm up to the CA Recruitment Cocktail! The cocktail regroups 20 something firms into one giant hall, where 400 students aggressively fight against each other for the firm representatives' attention! It might sound like a stressful night, but at the end of it all, I always have tons of fun. As this is my second attempt to land an internship, the results will be positive this year. I boosted my GPA and my networking and social skills have also gotten better, or so I'd like to believe. The firms I like seem to like me (more so THE firm I like, seem to like me too). Honestly, each firm is different from each other, making it quite hard for me to choose. But before I talk about which employer to choose, let's cross our fingers and I hope a firm will actually choose me!

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