Golf Town

Remember when I stated that my dad was the coolest person in the world because he had paid half of my D5100. Well today, he did it again...

After our morning practice at the driving range, my dad took to Golf Town, where he bought me my own golf clubs! Honestly, ever since I came back from France, my dad has been spoiling me like crazy! This summer, I really trained hard to learn golf. I guess my dad saw my dedication and thought I was worthy of getting my own set of iron clubs (I have been using his old, old, old Wilson 7-iron club).  It's just too bad that school has started and the weather is becoming colder as we speak. Fall is only a few steps away. And with CA recruitment happening right now, I'll be busy attending firm tours in the mornings instead of hitting the driving range. Hopefully, I'll be able play with my clubs before I put them away from winter!

I'll be posting pictures and more details about my beautiful set soon!

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