Haribo, c’est beau la vie – pour les grands et les petits

January 25 was supposed to be a great day because I have no school. However, it started off on the wrong foot. The night before, my beautiful Michael Kors watch (which I bought this past summer) fell from the nightstand and broke. The glass cover shattered (and so did my heart ). I was very sad.

Since I had no school, I went to the bank to pick up my "Carte Bleu". The blue card is an equivalent of an Interac card, but it's a VISA card. Does that make sense? Anyways, I have been waiting for that card ever since my arrival. That card is crucial when getting a cellphone plan here. For a Blackberry addict, there past weeks felt like going to rehab. No email on the go, no Facebook on the go, so texting, no Blackbery Messenger! I was cut-off from the world! Needless to say, I was very excited to get that damn card so my beloved Blackberry would finally be of use!

I get to the bank, and I receive my beautiful "carte bleu". The lady tells me that I have to withdraw money from the ATM to activate my card. Being the good girl I am, I listened to her. Guess what happens...
The machine ate my card!!! The password that was given to me was not the right one! It wasn't the password for the ATM; it was the password for my online banking account! Great. Broken watch, no blue card, no Blackberry. I was devastated. I really was. The lady at the counter was kind enough to order a new card for me. It should arrive by Friday. It better be there on Friday! Fortunately, I was given a cheque book, so I ended up being able to get my cellphone plan. I was also able to find a store helped me with my watch. My watch will be sent back to MK and they will replace the glass cover. But, it might take up to a month before I see my precious watch again :(  Perhaps I should just a buy a new one when I go to Geneva, Switzerland (haha I wish!)

After getting my phone, my roommate and I walked down President Wilson Boulevard from Place de Gaulle. We visited small boutiques along the way. Since I have been craving dried cranberries, we stopped at a few grocery stores. For some reason, grocery stores don’t sell dried fruits. Absolutely none! They barely carry any nuts! Oh, and did I mention they don’t sell bagels here? I miss my bagel and cream cheese. On the bright side, I found something quite interesting. I found Haribo Schtroumpf gummies! I grew watching Les Schtroumpfs (Smurfs in English) and I was so excited! That bag of candy totally made my day!

Edible Schtroumpfette, Grand Schtroumphf & Schtroumpf a Lunette

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