Today was by far the best day I had a Juan-les-pins. Ever since I have arrived here, the weather has been gray and cloudy. For the first time, it was warm and sunny. My roommate and I took advantage of the great weather and explored the streets around the beach, which is two blocks away from our apartment. The streets were filled with little cafes and boutiques. The shiny reflection of the sun on the sea allowed me to finally feel and realize I am now living on the French Riviera.

After that, Naomi and I met up with Pat and Georgia for dinner. Pat and Georgia are two other JMSB students on exchange at SKEMA with us. We went to a Chinese restaurant and had a really good time. We talked about everything and really enjoyed each other's company. After dinner, we headed back my apartment. On our way home, we picked up a 2 euros bottle of wine. Ever since arriving in France, I have been drinking wine every night. Any one who knows me knows that my alcohol tolerance is crap. Which is why my roommate is making me drink every night to increase my tolerance. All the bottles we have bought so far were all under 5 euros. However, don't let the low prices fool you. The wines are really good! Anyways, we picked up a bottled of rose wine and enjoyed it while planning our trip to Geneva, Switzerland. It will be our first trip outside of France and I can't wait!

Tomorrow, we will be spending our day in the city of Grasse. We will be visiting the Musee International de la Parfumerie as well as a perfume workshop where we are taught how perfumes are created. The best part of tomorrow is at the perfume workshop, where we will be given the opportunity to create our own perfume using our own preferences. It should be fun!

View from front balcony
View from back balcony
Back balcony

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