"Oh my god ! Listen to the accent ! "

My first day of class at SKEMA Business School was very special. Everything is different for what I am used to at JMSB. Our professor used the F word during the entire class, mocked at Americans and spoke in ways that teachers in Canada would never dare to speak. However, he is an extremely accomplished person. He was Grasse's mayor for 10 years, started nine companies, designs watches, won an award for his watch design, has a Ph.D in chemistry, was a consultant for many luxury brand companies and is the Director of the Luxury and Fashion Management at SKEMA Business School. He sure made the class entertaining.

I couldn't believe how everything is so easy going in French schools. JMSB students all asked the professor when the project is due. The prof gave us a really confused look and replied : "whenever you want....". It was my turn to be confused. I thought to myself : "what?! there is no deadline??? what the hell?". I guess that's the European way of doing things.

On a funnier note, today I met a local French student. When he found out I was from Montreal and I heard my French, he made fun of my Quebecois accent. It was mean or anything, but it was really shocking to see how intrigued he was about my accent. He asked me to repeat sentences and made his friends come over to listen to me. They thought it was the coolest thing in the world. I thought it was just really funny, and a little bit embarrassing I have to say. Plus, I wasn't even speaking with a hardcore Quebec French. Maybe I should next time just to see how they would react. At least I can communicate with locals. So many exchange students can't even speak or understand French. I found them very brave to be able to come into a complete foreign country and live here for four months. Thumbs up for them :)

Tomorrow will be the second session of Luxury Brand Management. I hope it will be as funny and interesting as today's.

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  1. Oh Ivan...

    And, the French love our accent. :)