A Visit to the World Capital of Perfume

It's the weekend and my days are busier now then when I have school. On January 13, Fiona (with her father), Pat, Georgia, Naomi and I went to the city of Grasse. Grasse is the center of the French perfume industry. It is also considered as the world capital of perfume. So naturally, our trip consisted of a visit at the Musee international de la parfumerie and to Galimard, a perfume maker. At Galimard, I had to chance to create my own perfume, which I name Jazz a Juan. For those who think that all I did was to sit there and add scents together, you are wrong ! It was actually quite an challenge sitting there smelling the essences. The workshop started with a little test to determine your perfume style. Then, based on that you choose your favorites scents ( a perfume can be composed of up to 300 scents. Mine was composed of 15). After the first 5 minutes, your nose is saturated. You can no longer smell any difference. Everything smelled the same! After two hours, I had completed my perfume and was certified as a junior perfume maker. It was quite an experience.
Jasmine the perfume maker


The next day, we went to Nice and shopped like crazy. It's sales time and everything is on sale ! The sales here are not juste a few dollars off here and there. It's 40, 50, 70% off original price! You can buy some really cute stuff at H&M for 3 euros! I went a bit crazy at Galeries Lafayette and bought 5 Longchamp bags. They were so cheap that I had to! How can you say no to a good deal! After shopping, we walked around the city. We walked along the Promenades des Anglais and Vieux Nice. Although the weather was a bit cloudy, it was nonetheless beautiful. Especially the sea water, which was blue, blue, blue.

At Nice

Tonight, we are celebrating Georgia's 21st birthday. We are planning to stay up all night and go to the beach to watch the sunrise in the early morning. It will be an amazing view. I hope so...

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