Seven Days

It's been a week that I have arrived at Juan-les-pins. After seven days, everything is still quite surreal. This past Friday, Interculture (a student association at SKEMA which aims to help exchange students) hosted a party at the Pub L'Esterel, so exchange students could meet their assigned "buddies". My buddy had an exam the following morning, so she didn't come. I ended up meeting a few other exchange students (from Toronto, Florida, Holland, British Colombia, Sweden) and some local French students. The bar closed stopped serving drinks at 12:20 AM and closed at 1AM (apparently it's their Winter schedule).In fact, all stores close early here and are completely closed on Sundays. I still had fun meeting new friends. Since the bar closed so early, a few of us took the party to the beach. I had a great time ! The temperature wasn't too cold and it was nice to listen to the waves while hanging out and getting to know the other exchange students.

As for today, Carol and Emily (my newly found friends),Naomi and I headed to Nice to do some shopping (Juan-les-pins and Antibes don't have big chains like Zara and H&M). The weather was perfect. Ever since we arrived at Juan-les-pins, it has been raining and cloudy. It was the first time I took out my sunglasses! It felt good to just go out, walk around and spend some time with girls as these past few days have been so hectic with school, settling in and getting used to our new life in France. Among many stores, we went to Zara and Sephora. Both stores were huge compared to the Montreal stores. The Sephora was amazing! Anyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with Sephora. The store was big, beautiful and smelled so good ! They carry way more products than the St-Bruno mall store. I was in heaven! So, after the stores closed around 8 PM, it was time to go back to Juan-les-pins. I arrived on the train platform and the train's doors closed right in my face! We missed our freaking train and the next one was only in an hour! We had no choice, so we bought a drink and a snack from a vending machine, sat down and ate while waiting for the next train. Fortunately, we were lucky and another train that was stopping at Juan-les-pins arrived 20 minutes later.

We arrived home and took out a frozen pizza as Naomi and I were too lazy to cook a proper dinner. We added some onions, mushrooms and took Courtney's advice by cracking eggs on it. I know it sounds weird, but it was delicious!

Mom, if you see this, don't worry, I have been eating healthy meals. You can see pictures below :) 

Happy exchange students

Girls day out shopping at Nice

Pizza with eggs
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Pasta Salad

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  1. Don't you love the French "Winter Schedules"?! ;)