New Obessession

On Wednesday, my dad took my sister and I to the driving range to hit some golf balls. Haven't touched a golf club in years, I was a bit nervous. The last time I played golf was when I was sent to a summer golf camp in my early high school years. I didn't choose to go, I was more like obliged to do so. My dad had high hopes for his three children as he hoped we would all become high business executives who discuss business deals on the golf courses (you know, just like in the movies?). Anyways, I really hated that week I spent on the golf course. I was less than 13 years old at that time and it wasn't how I wanted to spend my summer vacation.

For some reason, when I came back from my semester abroad, I wanted to start golfing again. Weird, isn't it? So, I asked my dad, who was very surprised, to bring me to the driving range. The first day was okay. I got reacquainted with the 7 iron as my dad gave me a mini lesson. I took the practice very seriously and carefully tried to implement all the techniques and tips my father gave me. My dad saw I was really serious about getting back into golf so he took me back the driving range on Canada's Day. This time the entire family went together. It was a beautiful, sunny morning and it was actually a lot of fun. It was nice to spend some time with the whole family. The next day, on Saturday, we went back again. I see improvements since Wednesday. I can hit straight shots and my swings are smoother now. The only thing is I still can't hit very far :(

Golf has now sort of become my new obsession. I keep watching golf videos on Youtube and wanting to practice. I hope soon enough I will be able to hit far. Who knows, maybe I'm on my way to become the next Michelle Wie!

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