It Won't Be Soon Before Long. Actually, it will be soon.

It's official ! I am going to see Maroon 5 in Toronto in August! Although, my attendance was made official when I bought my concert tickets, nothing felt legit until I bought the bus ticket to Toronto (which I just did). Now, I just need to get off my lazy ass and book a hotel. Not only that, I also need to prep for the concert. My sister has already started to work on that. She's pulled out all her Maroon 5 albums and put them all on her iPod. I should do the same. I need to know all the lyrics to all the songs! I hate it when I can't sing along in a concert.

What worries me more is that I am not at all familiar with the opening acts: Train and Gavin DeGraw. The only song I know of Gavin DeGraw is One Tree Hill's opening song. Even then, I only know the lyrics and melody to the chorus. As for Train, I have no idea who they are. I should perhaps do some research....

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