Me, Myself and Camera

I remember the very first digital camera my dad purchased while we were on vacation in Taiwan about 8 years ago. At the time, Sony had just launched their slim camera with a slide cover in the front. It was the coolest camera with the sleekest look and of course overly pricey. That was the camera I wanted to bring back to Canada and show off to me friends. But instead, my dad bought a Casio Exilim. I was a tad bit disappointed, but nonetheless ecstatic. I lied – I was actually really sad I didn’t get the Sony... But the Casio eventually grew on me and when it broke a few years later, I even upgraded to a newer model of the Exilim. 

Many years and cameras later, I realized that a point and shoot camera wasn’t enough anymore. I needed an upgrade; a very expensive upgrade called the DLSR (you know those big cameras with big lenses). In Europe, every landscape, every scenery and view is breathtakingly beautiful. Everything is inspiring and really deepened my interest in photography. From that point on, I decided I was going to get a DSLR once I come home, despite having bought a brand new camera for my exchange. 

I always knew my dad wanted to buy a DLSR, but hesitated because of its price tag.  So, upon my return from Europe, it seemed logical to ask him if he would be willing to split the cost of a DSLR with me. Of course, we would also share ownership. I was pretty confident that he would agree, but instead he laughed in my face.  But then, one night my dad handed me a Best Buy flier and told me he wanted to invest $500 in the DLSR! 

After much research, I opted for the Nikon D5100 and I AM LOVING IT! And I also love my investor! I’m beyond lucky to have a dad who has always supported my hobbies (most of them being quite expensive: piano & violin).  Thank you my dear daddy!
With summer finally here, I can’t wait to take my camera out!

*Notice my new short hair!*

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