What Do You Do When It Is Sunny Outside & You Have No School?

The answer is simple. You go to the beach !

So the weather this past weekend was A-MAZING! On Saturday, Tristan (a local student at SKEMA) took me, Carol , Emily & Nasser out on his boat! The sun was bright and the water was beautifully blue. It was a perfect day to go boating. Tristan took us to the Ste-Marguerite and St-Honorat islands, near Cannes. We spent the afternoon walking along the shore of Ste-Marguerite. Then the clouds decided they would started ruining out day and started to pop out for everywhere. The wind started to blow, and the temperature was slowly dropping. It was time for us to go home. 

Ste-Marguerite Island
Ste-Marguerite Island
Nasser, chilling and the back & Tristan, our Captain
Cannes in the background

As first said, when it’s sunny, it’s time to go to the beach! But the problem is, I didn’t pack a bathing suit with me!! :(   This brings us to my little story…

Since Courtney and I have the entire week off, we decided we would go to the beach every day. Since I didn’t bring a bathing suit, I thought I’d just go to Carrefour and buy some a cheap bikini. At Carrefour, there weren’t many choices of bathing suits. I tried on a black one-piece with white polka dots and a leopard print bikini at Courtney’s request. The leopard bikini was cute, but I thought the polka dot one looked nicer. When I get home, my roommate asked me to model my new bathing suit for her. I go in the bathroom and start changing. I pull down my jeans and realize... I still had the bottom of that leopard bikini! When I tried the bathing suits, I wore them on top of my underwear! I totally forgot the take off the bottom part! I felt so bad! This is the second time I had accidently stole from Carrefour. The first time, I accidently packed the 0.99 cent broccoli in my reusable bag before the cashier charged it. Shame on me! Seriously! Now I’m scared of going back to Carrefour :( I will definitely be more careful next time.

I hope everyone will have a great week! For the Montrealers, I hope you won’t get too much snow! I shall enjoy the great beach weather on your behalf!

PS –Berlin pictures are here!

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