Guten Tag!

It is almost half way through March, meaning I am leaving super, super, super soon. I can’t believe it. I feel as if I left Montreal just yesterday.  Time flies!  At least I am productive during my time here.  Just last week, I went to Berlin Germany. At first, I didn’t know what to think of Berlin. A few friends of mine had planned to go, so we decided to tag along. As it turns out, Berlin is among my top favourite cities! The place is rich in so rich in history. The people are so nice and the service is fast (unlike France, where people tend to take their time)! Traces of WWI, WWII and Cold War are everywhere and it’s really cool to see.  The food was also good in Germany. I had an authentic German pig knuckle and currywurst. A currywurst is a sausage with ketchup and curry. It sounds quite nasty, but it’s delicious! Currywurst is a really popular street food and it’s really cheap!  

I definitely want to go back to Berlin one day. I was only there for a weekend and there is so much to see!  For example, I wasn’t able to visit the concentration camp located on the outskirts of Berlin due to time constraints. There are also many great museums in the city that I would love to visit.  Berlin is now among the top of my “Cities You Must Visit List”.

*I know the photos from my last trip are still not posted. They will be very soon along with those from Germany! Sorry! *

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