Spring Time in France

Ah Spring! :)

Usually, Spring is not my favorite season. Back home in Montreal, this is when the weather is mean to me. One days it's sunny and the next it's snowing. The snow melts creating floods of water and it all because ice as the temperature drops. Once it get warmer again, all the snow and ice melt, creating a wet and slushy environment.On the other hand, Spring on the French Riviera is warm and beautiful ! For the past three days, I have been hanging out at the beach, working on my tan. Since we are so used to a colder climate, Courtney and I have been walking around in shorts and tank tops while most locals are still wearing boots, scarves and jackets! On the beach is another story though. Old French ladies like to tan...topless. Yes, topless. Often, the beach is filled with little children and you see these grandmas lying in the back, completely uncovered. Some of them also put themselves in really unflattering positions. It's really not great to see. Oh well. Bienvenue en France!

Besides that, the weather is warm and sunny. Walking on the white hot sand is lovely. The water is freezing cold, but gorgeous to stare at. You can see every shade of turquoise and blue. It's magnificent. I can't believe I will be soon leaving all of this behind. Only 36 days are left to my French journey

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