Two Down, Two More to Go

Two down, two more to go.  

Last night I had my Finance final exam, followed by my Financial Reporting I final this afternoon. I could definitely use some sleep now... Let's just face it; there just isn't enough hours in a day when it is final exams period. As much as we all need it and want it, there is just simply no time to sleep! So after two days filled with stress and high emotions, it's time to take a break (not for too long though. I need to go back to my studies.I still have my Cost Management Accounting and MIS exams to study for :( ).

Although I am in desperate need to sleep and study, my parents are taking me out for brunch tomorrow morning. How can I say no to that? Breakfast food is the best! I can spend the whole day eating waffles and omelets if I had my way. My parents have been so nice to me lately. I think it's because I'm leaving soon (19 days !!). Naomi and her mother will be there too. I don't think I have written about how Naomi and I met. I definitely will write about it soon. As weird as it might sound, Naomi and I were meant to leave on an student exchange together! I know it's a really cheesy thing to say, but once I explain the full story, everything will make much more sense.

Until then, wish me luck on my remaining exams!

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