Holiday Miracles

Do you believe in holiday miracles? I certainly didn't until today.

Most people think that a student's stress and anxiety ends when finals exams are over. That is not true! Waiting for your grades to show up is just as stressful as writing an exam. Now, there are three reactions that a person can have upon receiving their grades:
  1. The student can be surprised and in shock because they did worse than they expected.
    This is worst feeling because the anxiety stays with you until you come up with a feasible game plan to fix that bad grade.

  2. The student is indifferent. The grades are exactly what they expected them to be.

  3. The student is surprised and in shock. They text/call their friends and post it on Facebook; they did better than what they expected.
    In my opinion this is the best scenario to ever have upon receiving your grade. It boots your self-esteem and makes you feel better about yourself.
So, what does grades have to do with miracles? Well, I believe I have just be blessed with a miracle. I received my COMM 308 (Intro to Finance) grade today, and I was surprised and in shock. I texted my friends and posted it as my Facebook status. Yes, I had a  #3 reaction. I did better than what I expected! WAY BETTER. I did really bad on the midterm and went into the final exam with a C and walked out with an A-!!!!  This is my holiday miracle. I am beyond happy ! I am so happy I could die (haha)! And here I was, worried that I wouldn't get the B- I need for graduate school. Now I can finally leave Montreal peacefully!

Happy holidays!

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