I love you with all my heart, but today I really hate you

I am in total panic mode right now. I just saw the time and it's past midnight. Meaning that today is December 29 and that I am leaving tomorrow...

I still haven't finished packing. There's just too much stuff and not enough space!

Anyway, on a different topic, I have a little story to tell. Since, I am leaving very soon, I have been busy these past few days seeing friends over  breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and of course shopping. Yesterday, I had the chance to spend some time with my dear friend Connie Wong. Of course, we went shopping! Being the "big sister" she is, she took my debit card away and insisted on paying for everything! I desperately tried to convince the cashiers to take my credit card instead, but for some reason, Connie's card always won over mine. Plus, Connie is very persistent. Imagine this; two asian girls yelling : "Take me card ! My card! My card!" to a cashier at Sephora. Yes, this is what happened. The cashier was frightened. She didn't know what to do! "Connie, I love you with all my heart. But today, I really hate you" I said. The only thing I was able to do was to buy Connie a hot chocolate. It took me 5 minutes to convince her. Actually, I was only able to buy the hot chocolate because Connie had to step away to pick up a phone call.

Connie had planned to take me out for dinner that night, so after a few hours of retail therapy we headed to 3 Amigos. When we walked into the restaurant, the place was full. On top of that there was a big line. Instinctively, I stood in line. Connie on the other hand, just walked passed the line and started looking around. I thought Connie was looking for her sister because she had been on the phone with her a few times while we were shopping. Or so I thought...

Anyways, Connie walked back to me and I proposed we change restaurant. Surprisingly, Connie didn't want to and asked to go to the washroom. I didn't feel the need to go and I wanted to stay in line to keep our spot, so I said no. Connie insisted of me going with her. I really didn't want go, so I said no again.  Remember when I said Connie is persistent? After saying no a few times, she just grabbed my right arm and dragged me with her. Suddenly, we stopped at a table. Connie started speaking to someone. I thought we had bumped into Connie's friends. Then, I started to recognize the people. At the table sat P.O, Marine & her husband, Natacha, Sue, Alia and Sarah. "SURPRISE!" they all said. At that point, I was confused. I only realized what had happened after a few minutes. Connie had planned a surprise dinner for me! All those calls weren't from or to her sister. It was Sarah!!

Needless to say, I was very touched by everyone that night. I had an amazing time and I love Connie for being such an amazing friend!

Dear Connie, 
Thank you for everything! I will miss you terribly and I hope you will be able to visit me in France this April!
I love you !

Connie & I

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