This is Basic Vanilla!

ACCO 330, it is with extreme happiness that I say goodbye to you. I hope I never see you again, and please make sure to torture your future students the way you tortured me.

While most students who struggle in class don't like their teacher, I actually liked my ACCO 330 (Cost Management Accounting) professor (oh and I struggled.). You see, over the semester, Sunbul and I have develop quite a crush on him - yes, even despite the crappy grade he gave me. Actually, I wouldn't say a crush. Maurice is kind of old, way too old...
It's more like.....how do I say this...well, we thought he was really funny. Maurice, the engineer-turned-accountant is French and has the most hilarious expressions ever ! Sunbul and I have collected a small list of funny stuff he said over the semester. Here are some examples:

*please read the following with a french accent*

  • "This is basic vanilla !!"    
    He usually says this line when he gets kind of upset that no one understand the concept he is explaining, or when someone complains about the material being taught is difficult.

  • "Okay, enough bitching for today."
    He said this after complaining about the school not having sufficient computer labs.

  • "This is a stupid proposition!"
    We were going over a problem where many propositions were presented and he just said that out as we were reading the question.

  • "What is simple is always wrong, what is not simple is useless."
    This is what he thinks of accounting.

  • "I don't like verbal diarrhea."
    This was his answer to a student who had asked about the length or our paper.

  • "You think you were done with statistics after COMM 215? YOU ARE WRONG!"
    This was how he introduced us to chapter 10.
 I know, I know. You're probably thinking that it really isn't that funny and that I'm just delusional. But trust me. The way he says it with his french accent and facial expressions, it's freaking hilarious!

Mr. Maurice, 
It was a long semester. I can't believed it's over and that I survived. Thank you for teaching me how to account for spoilage and calculate joint processing costs. I will not miss our Tuesday and Thursday classes. I will however, miss your funny comments and miss you just a little. Actually, I probably won't miss you.... but you're still cool :)


  1. Mr.Rossin...he is the funniest teacher I've had at concordia so far!
    His final words to us:
    "How many of you want to become a CA? ... Well they are decreasing the passing rate for the UFE! there are too many accountants!"

  2. Professor Rossin is a great teacher. I giggled when he would do math in his head. Hes enjoys bashing CA's as he is a CMA himself. Very kind man where you can negotiate your mark in the end. PS. if you're Asian, you're additional brownie points! He has Asian kids!!!!!!

    -You're admirer <3