Vacances de Noël? Jasmine emporte le goût de Noël...

Yesterday, I got a wonderful surprise when I went to work. As I got ready to start my shift, my co-worker rushed to me, wanting to show me something.
"Jasmine, you're going to be so proud of me !" said Natacha.
At that moment, I couldn't think of why she was so excited. I thought maybe she had deep clean and organized the counters before my arrival (We work at Starbucks, so we spend most of our time cleaning and cleaning and cleaning. Of course, we also provide the Starbucks Legendary Service :) ). So, to my big surprise, she showed me something that was definitely worth being proud of...

Isn't it the prettiest drawing ever!? Knowing that I am leaving really soon, she drew me the cutest Eiffel Tower in the world! I love it so much! It's funny how I decided to bring me camera to work today. I had a feeling it would be useful.

Natacha is a sweet, sweet, sweet girl. She's always nice and has a big hear. You know when people say "she's so nice,she wouldn't able to hurt a fly"? That's exactly her. Although lately I haven't worked with her much,  it's always fun to be on the same shift as Natacha(who by the way is a self-proclaimed "nerd lover").

When I leave for France, I will definitely miss her.

Thank you Natacha for the awesome drawing! 

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