Montreal in the Dark

Late night shooting session with M in a dark, empty Montreal.  I haven’t gone shooting in a long time, so it definitely felt good to take the camera out. Plus M just recently bought a new Nikon, so he was happy to be taking pictures too. It was really cool to see places that are usually super crowded and busy, like Decarie blvd, all quiet and empty. At first it felt awkward because it felt so foreign. But the new perspective ended up being quite refreshing.  This night trip wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t stop by the St. Joseph Oratory for pictures. As if the empty city isn’t quiet enough, the oratory was extra quiet. Montreal was beautiful from up there though. It really would’ve been perfect if there weren’t delinquents drinking right behind us, yelling all kinds of crap while M and I are admiring the city lights. I mean, who the hell goes drinking in front of a church in the middle of the night?

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