They See Me Rollin', They Hatin'

I woke up early this morning, nervous and excited. I'd said I was mostly nervous. At 9am, I had an appointment at the dealership to pick up my car. Went over some papers with sales rep, signed a gazillion pages and my car was brought in for me. The sale rep took the time to teach me the various functions and settings of the car and bam, I was ready to go.  Being the typical Asians they are, my parents insisted on choosing the plate number. I personally couldn't care less, but they insisted on having the number "8" in it. The dealership is located in Brossard, where a large population of Asians reside. Naturally, plates with "88", "68" or "58" were already taken. I was so afraid my parents were going to make a fuss out of it, but thankfully they didn't. They were obviously a bit disappointed that the good numbers were taken, but there was nothing they could've done. I mean, it's no one's fault if other clients bought their cars before I did, right?

As I drove the car away from the dealership, I felt so free. I am now finally able to go out without constantly having to find means of arriving to destination and getting home safely, or relying on someone else to drive me. No more fighting with the siblings over who gets to use the car on the weekend or who has to drive who. While I know this freedom comes with a huge load of responsibilities, I am definitely ready to take them on!

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