This Is the End

My undergrad life has officially ended.  I have attended both the Convocation ceremony and the Grad Ball. I was actually quite nervous for Convocation. There was something about getting my diploma that made me restless. I was not ready to close that chapter of my life. For four years, I spent most of my days at JMSB either in class or at the JMAS office. All this involvement made it really hard for me to let go. When I put on my grad gown, I suddenly felt ready to move on. In that split second, I grew up and was excited to walk through that newly opened door. That feeling lasted until I was standing backstage, ready to walk across the stage to shake hands with the university president, provost and the dean. All that confidence jumped out of the window and I became nervous as hell. “What If I trip? What if I look horrible on the TV screen? What if they mispronounce my name?” But like my parents have taught me in all these years, I sucked it up and went for it.  I thought all of this would be a really exciting moment, but really all you do is walk, shake hands and take a picture. All of that last 30 seconds and I was invited to go back to me seat and sit for another 2 hours.

Grad ball on the other hand was way more entertaining. Cocktail hour, dinner, open bar and dance floor with some of the greatest people I’ve met. I wore a purple peplum dress, a gold statement necklace from BCBG and my nude Miu Miu heels. I’m seriously going to miss being an university student. 

Diploma in hand - officially a Con U grad!

Shameless selfie with my date A

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