VP of the Month : August

Being part of JMAS is anything but easy. From office hours to event planning, executive members must show perseverance, organizational and time management skills. These skills were evidently demonstrated by JMAS' VP of the month of August: Sunbul Saboor!

Sunbul holds the position of VP Marketing. Have you heard of JMAS' Dividends magazine? ( If not, check it out : http://www.jmaccos.com/wordpress/?page_id=13 ) Dividends is the result of Sunbul's dedication and hard work. She spent the past summer gathering sponsors, editing articles and assembling the entire magazine. Countless hours were also spent in designing the issue and planning the Dividends Launch Party at the beginning of the school year. Sunbul is a brilliant, brilliant person. Because of her, the magazine was a great success! I can honestly say it is the best Dividends issue JMAS has ever published! (Sorry to all past VPs Marketing! )

On behalf of JMAS, I would like to thank Sunbul for her OUTSTANDING contribution! Without her JMAS would not be the same!

Here is are some fun facts about our famous VP Marketing:
  1. Sunbul has a bachelor in architecture from Universite de Montreal (oh yeah! she's a smart cookie!)
  2. She LOOVEESSS Banana Republic
  3. She drives a really cute red car
  4. She hates finance

Sunbul presenting Dividends at the Launch Party

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