So, last night when I made my return to the fabulous cyber world, I was told by Gurjit that I had nothing better to do ! I'm sitting in the JMAS office now, and I have realized why Gurjit was so negative about my blogging project: he is jealous that my first post was about Tanya and not him! LOL

Because Gurjit is cool, I will be nice and make this post all about him!

What is there to say about Gurjit? Gurjit (commonly known as Gurjito and Gansta G) comes from a long lineage of renowned Punjabi boxers. However, growing up, Gurjito lived by Gandhi's principles of peace, and refused to fight with anyone. This has caused quite some friction between him and his father, a Olympian champion turned coach. Luckily, Gurjit discovered a passion of his that eventually brought him and his estranged dad back together: bhangra dance!

Gurjit has now his own dance troop called MTL Bhangra. Not only is he an accomplished dance, but he also works at Ernst & Young. He dreams of eventually owning his own dance school, teaching hip hop and traditional Indian dancing. He also hopes to marry a gansta Punjabi girl and have a gazillion of brown gansta babies.

Okay, in all seriousness, Gurjit does not come from a family of boxers. But he does have a bhangra dance group. Gurjito is a hard working guy, who cannot say no.

Oh, all the things I made Gurjit do for me because I was too lazy to do it myself...

In essence, Gurjito the Burrito is a great friend. He really is ! He never gets mad and is always so nice to everyone. The best thing about Gurjit? He likes to shop for nice expensive watches. :)

PS - If you are single and ready to mingle, Gurjit is on a search to find his true love. Here are his requirements:

1. Must listen to intense hip hop music
2. Preferably from India
3. Must be a Beyond the Rack shopper
4. Good girl gone bad only

Are you a good fit?


  1. I am a good fit.
    I would make love to Gurjito Mojito 7 days a week yo.

  2. Sorry mike u dont meet the requirements.

  3. Gurjit I will do bhangra for you all night while you watch Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham...