Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Today's weather was absolutely....... white. I woke up to a nice snowstorm that buried the entire town under a thick layer of snow, left cars stuck at every corner and pedestrians walking with their legs completely lost under the snow. The good thing about me working on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day is that I got today off. I was one of the lucky few who could've spent the whole without setting foot outside. But of course, leave it up to me to feel the need to go take pictures outside. "I'll get some crazy shots! It's only snow, how bad can it be?!"

To be honest, it wasn't cold. I was well prepared - had my earmuffs, wore a hoodie under my parka, made sure to wear my scarf and gloves to keep me warm. It was more the wind and the 30 cm of snow in my backyard that made it difficult. I felt I was in the North Pole, ready to walk into Santa Claus at any moment. I don't regret going out, I had fun! I just wished the conditions were a tad bit better for me to get better photos.

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