Sangria & Gelato

Despite my material intensive Japanese class, I still spend much of my time hanging out with my friends - or wasting my time doing randoms things- when I probably should be busy studying Japanese grammar. But with the nice weather (especially lately with the hot temperatures), it's really hard to stay in when you can be in the sun, getting that much needed vitamin D. My point being, life is too short to be sitting at a desk all day/night long. Which is why I met up with my best friends my high school recently and we caught up over sangria and gelato at one of my favorite summer spots, La Fontana in Dix30. The three of us used to be inseparable in high school, but unfortunately we all went our separate ways upon graduation. However, we still make sure we meet up when we can to see what's everyone up too and reminisce about the five years we spent together. It's cool and strange in some way, to see how far I've come and how much my life changed over the years.

Helene, myself & Julien

Fun fact:
Julien & I dated in secondary 3 and  in sec. 5 and yes we remained friends!

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