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As usual, when an exam approaches I find all sorts of things to do instead of actually studying. Most of the time, I just browse the web. Tonight, the Internet brought my to Colette's website where I discovered Aimée.Aimer's 18K yellow gold rings with various precious stone options.The jewelry line is to die for with  all the feminine touches like bows and pearls. If I had money to spend at this very moment, I'd definitely would be buy those gorgeous rings. Another obsession of mine right now is Celine. I've always been the flashy girl who likes to stand out and who refuses to blend into the crowd. But I've come to appreciate the simplicity, minimalism and the uber high chic factor the fashion house offers. Maybe it's because I am starting to get old... But honestly, everything Celine just comes together so beautifully to the point that no one can screw up an outfit.

Aimée.Aimer 18K yellow gold rings

Pictures from Colette

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