When I say Sake, You Say Bomb

Rainbow bomb
Saturday night,  Lynn and I had dinner at Deville before heading to Imadake for drinks, where things got quite interesting. I started off the evening with a glass of plum wine, waiting for the others to arrive. Then suddenly, this cute guy from the table next to us gave us half his bottle of plum wine!  Totally unexpected, but definitely appreciated! Too bad he was with two other girls. Next thing you know, a bachelor party walks in. The Asian groom-to-be was dressed as a women with a "Cheap Asian Whore" sign. For a low price of $1, we got to spank him with a leather belt. He walked around Imadake, asking to be spanked and ended up chilling at a our table for a bit. He was crazy, but so were we. The more the merrier, right? Of course, who goes to an izakaya without having sake bombs? Definitely not us. And so we ordered rainbow bombs which ended up splashing over my brand new BCBG silk shirt. I had not had a crazy night like this in a long time. Met some cool people and had tons of fun (except the next morning when I saw my shirt stained like no tomorrow). The cheap Asian whore definitely made our night unforgettable. 

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