BANG BANG we're beaufitul and dirty rich

Today is my last day of summer vacation. Summer school starts tomorrow, and I wish it didn't. So what did I do on my last day of freedom prior to academic hell ? I went to work...

My day started with a warm beam of Colombian sunshine, also known as Massiel Diez . Known as Maiseee (note the 3 e's) by her friends, senorita Diez is with whom I work with every weekend. She is really funny and super smart (Maiseee is majoring in Chemical Engineering, at McGill University no less). Her presence, along with her addiction to gum, makes work so much more enjoyable every shift. Maiseee has a boyfriend with who she's totally in love with. I predict their marriage within the 5 next years. When that time comes around, I hope I'll be invited. (Maise, I know you're reading this, so you better take note hahaha). They will probably have a gazillion of baby Maiseee and baby Tim (yes, yes, that is el novio's name - Maiseee, I learned Spanish for you :D -). They will live on a big farm, grow a variety of vegetable, and have children running all over the place.

Working is Maiseee is fun. She always has stories to tell me, and I love hearing stories about her mom's dates with this really hot guy. I hope I'll get to work with her for a long time. To end this post, I would like to take this opportunity to give this message to senorita Diez:

Maiseee you're awesome and I love you !

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