Where's My Vanilla Latte?

Finally! I started my blog!

I've been thinking about starting a blog for a while now, but I just never really got around to do it. Especially with all the finals exams coming up. So, instead of studying like everything student, I decided to spend my evening with my dear friend Connie Wong discussing about blog names and addresses ! (Don't you just love procrastination?!)

Here are some of the crazy ideas from Connie :
  • The Confessions of Jasmine; the girl searching for a hot boyfriend who can buy her super awesome shoes and bags!
    [yes, I love shoes and bags :)]

  • The Life of a Starbucks Barista who finds British Accents Hot
    [yes, I work at Starbucks, and Connie is obsessed with the British people hahaha]

  • British Men Make Me Hot
    [again, we can clearly see Connie OBSESSION with British men. Thank god for her, she is going to London in two weeks!]
So, why did I name my blog SO HAPPY I COULD DIE you might ask. Well, I love my life! Sure, there are plenty of downs (like my bloody finals ... ), but I'm surrounded by great friends and so many things that make life so beautiful! And, also because I love LADY GAGA. (LOL, it's one of her songs' title).

PS. Follow me ? <3

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