Maple Syrup Saturday

One of the cool things of living in Quebec is that every Spring we get to stuff our faces with foods soaked in maple syrup at the "cabane a sucre", which literally means sugar shack.

On a nice Saturday afternoon, after writing a midterm, we drove all the way to Mont Saint-Gregoire to indulge in all things maple syrup. The drive was no more than 40 minutes, but I still considered it to be a mini road trip. It was fun to catch up with Z as I haven't seen her in a very long time. The first thing we did once we arrived at destination was to obviously head to the restaurant and eat all kinds of greasy food, submerged under maple syrup. Good thing we only do this once a year. Can you imagine eating like this on a regular basis? I don't think anyone can...

To relieve ourselves from our full stomachs after lunch, we went hiking in the woods, where there was still some snow, despite the warmer weather. Little did we know that under that thin layer of snow, there was actually ice. We all ended up falling on our bums of a few times, especially on our way back, where we had to walk downhill!